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Allen Ranch Saddle Shop Tooling Options
All of our leather products are hand-tooled right here in our shop in Bixby, OK.

We provide a variety of patterns including:
Barbed wire border
Brown Buckstitch on Rough-out
Bixby Oak with BKM13
Sheridan #20 on Rough-out
with brown buckstitch
Sheridan #20 on Smooth-out with brown dyed background & buckstitch
Bixby Oak--Hamley Swirl
Bixby Oak--Running Border BD 001
M59 Geometric
Bixby Oak--Sheridan #2 Flower
Hamley Swirl
Basket Stamp  BK023
with Shell Border
Desert Rose #20--Desert Rose #8
Basket stamp BK023
JB Flower and Leaves
Mighty Oak--Basket stamp BKM27
MS Flower--Waffle geometric
MT Flower--Basket stamp BKM13
Sheridan #2 Flower--Leaves 3 & 4
Sheridan #2 Flower--Leaves 6 & 7
Dyed black backgrounds
Silver spots
Sheridan #2 Flower--Leaves 6 & 7
Basket stamp BK023
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