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New Allen Ranch Roping Saddles In Stock
These are saddles that are in stock and ready to ship or take home today.
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AR 06-21-42
17" Allen Ranch CT Team Roper
RO Hard Seat Half Breed 
Tooled floral and Ince on swells/housings/binder/stirrups

AR 08-20-16
14.5" Allen Ranch CT Team Roper
Choc. RO seat and skirts 
Choc. SO tooled full Bixby Oak on housings, swells, fenders, and stirrups

AR 11-21-67
14" Allen Ranch CT Team Roper
Tipton binder (straight up/down and adds 1/5 to the height of cantle)  
Oak leaf and hamley swirl

AR 12-18-37
15" Allen Ranch CT Team Roper
Choc. RO seat/fenders/skirts with died background on floral tooled swell/housings/binder/stirrups

We are sorry, but we no longer have any new Roping saddles in stock.